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The SunPal Solar Real Estate Sign Light

Solar Real Estate Lights

The SunPal, designed and manufactured by Silicon Solar Inc, is the most well received and widely used real estate sign light, solar or otherwise, available today. These lights feature:

  • Sleek, black body that keeps the attention on your sign, not the SunPal
  • 14 High-Output LED lights (7 per side) to fully illuminate your real estate sign, evenly
  • Sizeable battery backup to allow all night operation, even after a cloudy day
  • Oversized solar panel for fast charging, even in cloudy conditions
  • Secured mounting bracket for quick, easy installation
  • Security bolts and tools to protect your investment against vandalism and theft
  • Adjustable lighting tracks to put the light where you need it

These features, and many allow the SunPal Solar Real Estate Sign Light to:

  • Double Your Listing Exposure- your SunPal ensures that your listing signs are visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that your sign stands out first and foremost on every block.
  • Save Money- Unlike standard electric lights, the SunPal does not require any electrical connection or usage to operate. This means that there are no monthly electric bills, or batteries to replace every month.
  • Make More Money- The SunPal will make your listing signs more noticeable, and attract more buyers to your properties, which leads to more sales, faster sales, and more referrals down the road.

If you are looking for a low-price, cost-effective way to double the marketing exposure of your featured listings, look no further, the SunPal Solar Real Estate Sign Light is the answer.

Special Bonus Offer:

Now you can try out the SunPal Solar Real Estate Lights in your office, risk free for 30 days. This exclusive offer is available to Real Estate Brokers with any company (major or independent) that is looking for the one marketing tool that will give his/her agents a decided advantage over any other game in town. Simply Purchase 20 or more of any SunPal Series product at our regular online pricing, sign up for the Broker Deal Special, and take advantage of this incredible offer only from Silicon Solar. Ask your sales representative for additional information on the SunPal Broker Deal Trial Offer today!