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SunPal 2X Solar Real Estate Sign Light

Solar Real Estate Lights

The SunPal 2X combines the very best features of the SunPal and the SunPal 4X to become the most versatile, affordable, and effective Solar Real Estate Sign Light on the market. The SunPal 2X is a single unit that fully illuminates both sides of a real estate sign by mounting directly over the top of the sign like the SunPal, but works on real estate signs of any size, including 4×4 post style signs like the SunPal 4X. By combining these two great products into one single unit, Silicon Solar has taken Solar Real Estate Sign Lighting to the next level, and the SunPal 2X represents a significant leap forward in this market, which will be tough for any competitors to match.

The SunPal and the SunPal 4X have been heralded as incredible, sought-after marketing tools for Real Estate Agents over the last few years, and the SunPal 2X is set to be seen on more real estate signs than either of its predecessors in just a few short months on the market.

The SunPal 2X features:

  • A sleek, black, ABS plastic body
  • Security bolts and tool to protect your investment from vandalism and theft
  • Easy mount bracket for installation in under 5 minutes
  • 16 Ultra Bright LEDs (8 per side) for optimum lighting
  • All night operation, night after night
  • Also, timed operation for 4 and 6 hours per night
  • Oversized solar panel for quick charging
  • Sizeable battery backup for continued operation, even after cloudy days
  • Fits any real estate sign from 1″ to 4″ thick (most versatile on the market)

But, do not think that the SunPal 2X is just for your real estate signs. This light is so versatile that is has more uses than we can list on this site. Here are a few:

  • Real Estate Listing Signs
  • Office Signs
  • Commercial Property Signs
  • Lighting for decks and patios (if your open house goes on after the sun goes down)
  • And many, many more

With the SunPal 2X on your Real Estate Team you:

  • Double your listing exposure: your real estate signs work for your 24/7
  • Save money by avoiding the costs of other real estate sign lights- there are no electrical connection or usage fees, and no expensive batteries to replace every month
  • Make more money by drawing added attention to your featured listings which means faster sales, more commissions, and more residuals and referrals

The SunPal 2X is the perfect teammate for the Realtor or Broker who is looking that one marketing tool that will set their listings apart from every other property in town, and deliver consistent sales leads and return on investment.

Special Bonus Offer:

Now you can try out the SunPal Solar Real Estate Lights in your office, risk free for 30 days. This exclusive offer is available to Real Estate Brokers with any company (major or independent) that is looking for the one marketing tool that will give his/her agents a decided advantage over any other game in town. Simply Purchase 20 or more of any SunPal Series product at our regular online pricing, sign up for the Broker Deal Special, and take advantage of this incredible offer only from Silicon Solar. Ask your sales representative for additional information on the SunPal Broker Deal Trial Offer today!