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Solar Real Estate Lights

The best way to get started with the SunPal Solar Real Estate Sign Light, the SunPal 4X, and the AdLite is to read our FAQ section. This section is filled with the questions that we get everyday about the SunPal, the SunPal 4X, and the AdLite. Reading our FAQs will answer many of the questions that you have about our great real estate sign lights, and help you decide whether or not they are right for you.

Which Light is right for me?

That depends on what you need to light. If you are lighting a real estate sign that is mounted on a standard metal frame up to 1” thick, you should look at the SunPal Solar Real Estate Light. If your real estate sign is on a wooden, metal, or PVC post that is more than 1” thick, you should look at the SunPal 4X. And, if you are looking to light a sign rider, a brochure box, InfoTube, or lock box, the AdLite is the light for you.

Is theft a problem with these lights?

No. The SunPal and the SunPal 4X Solar Real Estate Sign Lights are secured to your real estate sign with specially designed security bolts. We spent a lot of time and money designing a custom sized security bolt and matching tool. These bolts and tools are only available with the SunPal and the SunPal 4X, or as replacement parts directly from Silicon Solar Inc, or authorized SunPal Distributors. Additionally, Realtors who have installed the SunPal and the SunPal 4X have found that the lights themselves serve as vandalism and theft deterrents. Because the signs are illuminated, and more visible to people passing by, or looking out of windows, would be thieves are less likely to take the time to remove the light from the sign in the first place.

How hard are these lights to install?

The SunPal, The SunPal 4X and the AdLite are designed to be self-install, and take under 5 minutes to go from factory packaging to fully installed and ready to go. These lights mount to your signs with simple screws and included security bolts. A few turns of a screwdriver and the included security tool and your lights are installed, ready to charge, and ready to light your listing signs night after night, all night.

How long do the SunPals light for?

The SunPal, the SunPal 4X, and the AdLite are designed to light your signs, riders, and brochure boxes all night, from dusk to dawn, each and every night. With just a few hours of charging during the day these lights are ready to go for a full night, night after night.

Why should I choose the SunPal?

The benefits of lighting your real estate listing signs is self-explanatory. The SunPal and SunPal 4X Solar RealEstate Sign Lights are simply the best products, solar or otherwise, available on the market for this purpose. Unlike battery operated lights that are not recharged by solar energy, the SunPal does not require that you purchase expensive replacement batteries every month or so. The SunPal uses rechargeable batteries that last between 2 and 3 years, and are recharged every day using the free, powerful energy from the sun.

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