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The SunPal Series Delivers Value

The SunPal Solar Real Estate Lighting Series is a group of 5 products designed specifically to be a value-based marketing tool for Realtors and property professionals around the world, delivering greater exposure to your current listings, and generate additional leads, sales, commissions and new listings. In an over-stressed real estate market, and with today’s economic realities for businesses and private citizens, it is increasingly important that every investment you make have a defined set of deliverable values and proven track record of positve returns and increases. We designed the SunPal Series to meet each and every one of these needs at a price that is affordable on every budget. The key values of the SunPal Series are:

Security! The SunPal is secure and theft-resistent. Each model in the SunPal Series comes with unique security features built to protect your investment from loss due to damage or theft.

Convenience! In today’s fast-paced world, it is increasingly important that we find tools to take care of the endless number of problems and prediciments that we find ourselves facing. It is also important that these tools be convenient and easy to use, without a significant investment in our energy and time. The SunPal Series delivers convenience everyday! How?

  • Easy, quick installation in just minutes
  • Automatic operation each and every night
  • Models available for all real estate signs, and Realtors’® needs

Peace of Mind! Peace of mind is a feeling that is often lacking in all of our lives today – but once in a while to just be able to sit back, relax, and feel like everything is taken care of and working as it should. The SunPal Series allows you this peace of mind everyday! How?

  • Ensuring that your listings and marketing materials are visible and emphasized 24 hours a day, each and every day
  • Being secure and safe by our customized security tools
  • Keeping your sellers excited about your representation becuase you have gone that extra mile to ensure that their lisitng is emphasized with that personal attention that only the SunPal Series can deliver

Economy! There is little doubt that our economy, and the real estate market is suffering a bit of a crunch today. You, however, can increase your own profitability, and that of your home sellers by using the SunPal Series on every listing! How?

  • Increased Visibility = Increased Leads = Increased Sales = Increased Listings = Increased Commissions!

Save Time! Your time is valuable – the old adage "time is money" is perhaps more important today than ever before, and the SunPal Series saves you time. Each product in the SunPal Series installs in just moments, and is completely stand-alone, designed to operate automatically each and every day without needing your attention or involvement. What other marketing tool can you invest under $50.00 in, and basically setup it up and let it work you day after day and night after night with no hassles? None! We call that Time-Management the SunPal Way!

Reliability! The SunPal Series is used and trusted by thousands of Realtors® around the world each and every day. These products have a proven track record of delivering premium performance, increased returns on your investment, and increased emphasis on your listings at an affordable price tag.

Save Money! The costs of living and doing business are higher than they have ever been, and it is important that each of us find ways to increase our exposure and profitability, while staying within tight budgets. The SunPal Series gives you this ability everyday! How?

  • Lower Cost than other models available
  • Lower Cost than other marketing tools and methods
  • Avoided Costs of replacement batteries every month
  • Avoided Costs of electrical connections and usage charges

Special Bonus Offer:

Now you can try out the SunPal Solar Real Estate Lights in your office, risk free for 30 days. This exclusive offer is available to Real Estate Brokers with any company (major or independent) that is looking for the one marketing tool that will give his/her agents a decided advantage over any other game in town. Simply Purchase 20 or more of any SunPal Series product at our regular online pricing, sign up for the Broker Deal Special, and take advantage of this incredible offer only from Silicon Solar. Ask your sales representative for additional information on the SunPal Broker Deal Trial Offer today!