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New Product: THE ADLITE – this universal, multi-purpose light is the size of a man’s wallet. It can be used for any small, lighting job that you can think of. Our customers have opted to use this light for brochure boxes, info tubes, lock boxes, mail boxes, open house signs, sign riders, and many many more.

New Product: THE SUNPAL 2X – at the NAR 2007 tradeshow and expo in Las Vegas this past November, Silicon Solar Inc, designer and manufacturer of the SunPal Series of Solar Real Estate Lights unveiled the next generation SunPal Solar Real Estate Sign Light, the SunPal 2X. This unique, versatile, and affordable light builds on the success of its predecessors, the SunPal and the SunPal 4X, and combines the very best features of both into a single product. The SunPal 2X features a single unit that is capable of illuminating both sides of a realestate sign by mounting directly to the frame above the sign, but is now able to mount to ANY real estate sign from 1" thick metal frames to 4" thick post-style frames. The SunPal 2X received tremendous support from Realtors® who attended the tradeshow, and is set to be one of the best selling real estate marketing products of 2008 and beyond.

New Product: THE SUNBOX – At the same show that Silicon Solar released the SunPal 2X Solar Real Estate Sign Light, they also premiered one of the most anticipated products of the year, the SunBox Solar Lighted Brochure Box, to the eager crowd. This unique marketing tool builds on the company’s traditions of success and innovation, and quickly became the best-selling product the company offered at the show. The SunBox’s white, all plastic design, industry-leading features, and low-price are sure to make this tool one of the best-selling, most sought after marketing tools for 2008 and into the future.

Business Opportunity! Silicon Solar Inc, the designers and manufacturers of the SunPal Series of Solar Real Estate Lighting are also the manufacturers of the SunMaxx Solar Water and Home Heating Systems, an industry leading line of hot water and home heating products designed to save home and business owners money. Silicon Solar has launched a new program in conjunction with Real Estate Agencies around the world allowing Realtors to offer their clients, leads, and prospects discounts of SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Products for their home. Additionally, Realtors will be offered a referral bonus for every client they direct to Silicon Solar that purchases a SunMaxx Solar Hot Water or Home Heating System. If you have any questions about this program, or would like to sign up, please contact the SunMaxx Solar Team.

Special Bonus Offer:

Now you can try out the SunPal Solar Real Estate Lights in your office, risk free for 30 days. This exclusive offer is available to Real Estate Brokers with any company (major or independent) that is looking for the one marketing tool that will give his/her agents a decided advantage over any other game in town. Simply Purchase 20 or more of any SunPal Series product at our regular online pricing, sign up for the Broker Deal Special, and take advantage of this incredible offer only from Silicon Solar. Ask your sales representative for additional information on the SunPal Broker Deal Trial Offer today!