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AdLite Small Solar Real Estate Light

Solar Sign Light

The AdLite Solar Light is our smallest, most versatile solar light for Realtors. This light is not larger than a man’s wallet, but still packs more than enough for your toughest, most important lighting jobs. Designed for Sign Riders, lock boxes, and other overlooked lighting needs, the AdLite delivers maximum performance at a price that makes it more affordable than any lighting Solution on the market.

The AdLite, a multi-purpose solar light for Realtors, is designed to be small, lightweight and versatile, delivering high-output lighting to areas where light is necessary, but difficult to install. The AdLite is perfect for:

  • Real Estate Sign Riders
  • InfoTubes and Brochure Boxes
  • Mail Boxes and Street Address Numbers
  • Deck, Patio, and Walkway Lighting
  • Illuminating Steps, Small Landscape Features, and Many, Many More

Each AdLite Features:

  • Small, compact size (about the size of a man’s wallet)
  • Oversized solar panel for fast charging
  • Sizeable battery backup for continuous operation, even after cloudy days
  • Auto ON/OFF operation, plus an ON/OFF button
  • Durable, weather body made from ABS plastic
  • Sleek, black body to keep attention on your sign, or information, not on the AdLite
  • Low retail price
  • 2 Ultra-Bright LEDs to provide strong, even lighting
  • Adjustable swivel head to put the light where you need it

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