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The SunPal Series: Solar Real Estate Lights

Welcome to, your source for the best, most widely used and cost-effective solar real estate sign Lights, the SunPal Series. These five lights, the SunPal, the SunPal 4X, the SunPal 2X, the SunBox and the AdLite, are specifically designed to offer Realtors® an innovative solar solution for lighting real estate signs of any shape and size, and their other marketing materials.

The SunPal Solar Real Estate Sign Light is perfect for real estate signs that are on standard metal frames, up to 1" thick. The SunPal 4X was created for real estate signs that hang from post style frames (wooden, metal, or PVC). And the AdLite, the small, versatile light, is perfect for sign riders, brochure boxes, open house signs, lock boxes, and hundreds of other applications that are too numerous to list here. The SunPal 2X combines the best featuers of the SunPal and the 4X - a single unit designed to illuminate both sides of any real estate sign while fitting on any real estate sign from 1" metal frames to 4" post frames. And the SunBox a solar powered brochure box to keep your marketing materials and listing newsletters in the public eye 24 hours a day each and every day.

These five industry leading lights have been designed and manufactured with Realtors® in mind. Silicon Solar Inc, the manufacturer of the SunPal Series is a world leading solar energy company that has served more than 82,000 unique customers from 52 countries, many of whom are Realtors®, just like you, looking for that one marketing tool that delivers quality, performance and affordability.

Each SunPal, SunPal 4X SunPal 2X, SunBox, and AdLite is manufactured and tested with the same quality control measures that are used in testing all Silicon Solar Products, from solar hot water heating to grid tie solar kits, and from educational solar kits to solar sign, flood and security lighting. At Silicon Solar Inc, we are innovating today's solar technologies for the future of tomorrow, and the SunPal Series is our way of innovating the lives of Realtors®, one sign, and one closing at a time.